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Leaving a legacy is a powerful concept, and organizations like UHomePBC plays a crucial role in making a positive impact in society. As a nonprofit 501c3 organization that assists disabled individuals in achieving homeownership, UHomePBC is addressing an essential need for independence and inclusion in the lives of disabled applicants.

Leaving a Legacy

Planned gifts, such as donations or bequests in a will, offer an incredible opportunity to contribute to UHomePBC's mission and ensure its long-term sustainability. By making a planned gift, you are making a lasting commitment to help disabled individuals gain access to homeownership, empowering them to lead independent lives and become active members of their communities. A planned gift not only reflects your passions and values but also carries on the legacy of those who came before you. Your contribution will have a positive ripple effect, creating a meaningful impact for generations to come. It is an opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the world by supporting an organization dedicated to improving the lives of disabled individuals and fostering a more inclusive society.


As you contemplate your legacy, consider the importance of supporting UHomePBC and its vision of a vibrant and vital future. Your planned gift will make a significant difference, opening doors for disabled individuals, enabling them to realize their dreams of homeownership, and ultimately helping them achieve greater independence and inclusivity in their lives.

Remember that planned gifts can take various forms, such as bequests, charitable trusts, life insurance policies, or even gifts of appreciated assets. It's essential to consult with financial and legal advisors to determine the best approach that aligns with your individual circumstances and philanthropic goals.


By contributing to UHomePBC through a planned gift, you'll be contributing to a legacy that embodies compassion, empowerment, and progress, making a lasting impact on the lives of disabled individuals and their communities.

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